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The following examination is offered exclusively to participants of the Sprachakademie Stuttgart offered: DTZ and Test LiD

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Orientation course basic level A1-B1 (integration courses)

The orientation course is the final part of the integration course. It imparts basic knowledge of the German state, society and history and comprises 100 hours. Essential topics in the orientation course are the German legal system, history, culture and values that are important in Germany. These include, for example, freedom of religion, tolerance and equal rights. Topics from the area of politics in democracy form the most extensive part of the orientation course. The study of the structure of the state and the functioning of the democratic system makes it possible to recognize the basic mechanisms and structures of the German state. The knowledge of the historical background of today's Germany is an important prerequisite for the development of an understanding of the German present. During the orientation course, the lecturers convey this content in a lively and true-to-life manner. Audiovisual media may be used to illustrate and clarify the topics. A regional reference can often be established. The course participants complete the orientation course with the test "Living in Germany". The passed test is a prerequisite for receiving the "Integration Certificate". This certificate is issued by the BAMF. In addition, the "Living in Germany" test is recognized by the Foreigners' Registration Office for naturalization in Germany.


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telc exams:

A1/A2 exam: 150 €

DTZ/B1 exam: 200 €

B2 exam: 200 €

C1 exam: 250 € 

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